0 Chelsea Lately Finale - Chelsea Handler Nakked Shower Clip

pped up with big guest stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock and ex-boyfriend 50 Cent, and a hilarious naked shower scene with chat show rival Elen DeGeneres, in which they had a fight.

Chelsea Handler has been an American TV legend for years and she bowed out in a big way during the final of her show

Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Handler in nude shower fight 
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The sketch opens with shots of a naked Chelsea entering a public locker room, washing herself in an area labeled 'Chelsea Lately Staff Showers'.
As she begins to let the water run over her, she's interrupted by Ellen, who reaches over to shut off it off. She previously did shower scene gags with other big stars including Sandra Bullock and Conan O'Brien.

0 Nicki Minaj Had A Wardrobe Malfunction Onstage At The VMAs And Still Slayed

But after her solo “Anaconda” moment, when she re-emerged to do her verse on “Bang Bang,” something was wrong.

                        Jessie J didn’t seem to care.

…Jessie J seized the opportunity to show off everything her hands were able to do, without the burden of having to hold her dress up.

Minaj clutched her dress together with both hands as she rapped her part on Ariana Grande's song "Bang Bang," the apparent victim of an onstage wardrobe malfunction during Sunday night's MTV VMA Awards.
She even told The Hollywood Reporter backstage that she "ran out of time getting zipped up," and so had to make do as best she could.
MORE: Nicki Minaj snake bites dancer during VMA rehearsal

But now TMZ is reporting that Minaj faked the whole thing.
An eyewitness to the "Bang Bang" performance dress rehearsal told the site that she wore the same dress onstage, and it was unzipped then as well. The source also said she was grabbing it in a "weird" way to get a better idea of how much would be exposed.
Minaj took to Instagram to explain herself.
"God is good. As long as a nipple didn't come out to play, I'm fine. Love my team. CASPER, Rushka, Adam, Oscar, Joyce, Gee... Many more to name but they're all winners! No weak links. There's no greater feeling than having ppl who inspire u and who work passionately and relentlessly to get the job done."
The episode bore an eerie resemblance to Janet Jackson's famous malfunction onstage at the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show with Justin Timberlake. Jackson also claimed when he ripped her top off that it was an accident, but the elaborate decoration of her nipples underneath her top -- and the way Timberlake ripped off her shirt -- had some crying foul.
On purpose or on accident, it's not Minaj's first on-air slip, either. In 2012 her top slid down during a performance on "Good Morning America," giving Americans more than they bargained for that morning.

0 Captured: Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán, Mexico's No 1 drug lord | 22/02/2014

US officials say the billionaire kingpin at the head of the Sinaloa Cartel has been captured in a Mexican beach resort
For 13 years the world’s powerful drug lord had evaded capture becoming an almost mythical figure, a ghost reputedly transformed by plastic surgery who roamed the impenetrable mountains of Mexico where he was protected by corrupt politicians and an omerta among the masses.
As his cartel flooded America with cannabis, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine, and his henchmen left the headless bodies of rivals by the roadsides, Joaqin “El Chapo” Guzmán always seemed to be one step ahead of the law.
The entire Mexican Army, and thousands of US drug enforcement agents, searched fruitlessly for the man known as “Mexico’s Osama bin Laden” and the bounty on his head rose to $7 million.
At dawn on Saturday their quest finally appeared to have come to an end as a man believed to be the drug kingpin was taken alive, without a shot being fired, at the Miramar Hotel in Mazatlán, a popular tourist destination on the Pacific coast where the beaches are lined with resort accommodation.
The suspect, who was with an unidentified woman, was held by Mexican Marines acting on intelligence from the DEA. He was immediately transferred to Mexico City where DNA and dental records were being used to confirm his identity.

0 VIDEO- Is the bikini bridge the new thigh gap?

After the insanity of thigh gap, a new fat-shaming sensation has arrived! The bikini bridge! FULL VIDEO HERE

A bikini bridge is the gap created between a woman's belly and her bikini bottom, which is created as the waistband a her bikini is lifted up by a woman's hipbone.

Over 100,000 people have 'liked' bikini bridge photos posted on Twitter...a sure sign that this is the trend of the year.

Doctors, however, say the fetishization of the 'bikini bridge' is unhealthy, and worshiping thinness can lead to major health problems.

0 James Avery Dead -- 'Fresh Prince' Uncle Phil Dies At 68

James Avery, the bulky character actor who laid down the law as the Honorable Philip Banks in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," has died.
Avery's publicist, Cynthia Snyder, told The Associated Press that Avery died Tuesday in Glendale, Calif., following complications from open heart surgery. He was 68, Snyder said.
Avery's "Fresh Prince" co-star Alfonso Ribeiro, who played his son Carlton on the show, took to Twitter following Avery's death: 
Avery played Will Smith's uncle on the popular TV series and was called Uncle Phil. His movie credits included "Fletch," "The Prince of Egypt" and "8 Million Ways to Die." He also appeared in "Grey's Anatomy," "That '70s Show" "Charmed" and "That's So Raven."
According to Snyder, he will be seen in the film "Wish I Was Here," directed by Zach Braff and scheduled to premiere later this month at the Sundance festival.
Avery grew up in Atlantic City, N.J., and served in the Navy in Vietnam in the late 1960s. After returning to the states, he settled in California and studied drama and literature at the University of California at San Diego.

0 VIDEO: UFC fighter Anderson Silva suffers gruesome leg injury

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Chris Weidman defended his UFC middleweight title when Anderson Silva broke his left leg on a kick in the second round, ending UFC 168 with a horrific injury Saturday night.

Anderson Silva clutches his leg in pain as it bends grotesquely after landing a kick.

0 Tila Tequila new Sex Tape Video

Tila Tequila adopts a British accent in the first footage from her sex tape.
In a clip from the former reality star’s upcoming hardcore Vivid Video adventure, Tequila is seen partially undressed and speaking as an Englishwoman alter ego (her own “sister” named “Ashley”).
The video (see below) is NSFW, but the nudity and other offending bits have been censored.


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