1 Chito Miranda Scandal Over 'Private Video'

"We are truly saddened by the fact that someone leaked the private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig. I am asking for forgiveness from our families for this unfortunate incident," he wrote on Instagram (via Inquirer.net).

The Chito Miranda scandal exploded after Miranda's hard drive was allegedly "stolen" and someone uploaded the sex tape to YouTube. While the video has since been removed from the video-sharing site, there have been several stills of the video floating around social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The 37-year-old singer-songwriter claims that "several other things" were also stolen from him but it's unclear who was behind all of this. Many fans believe that Miranda completely disgraced his band and his country and there are thousands of people coming down on him for his actions -- even if he made the tape during his own private time. The Chito Miranda scandal won't go away quietly. Fans of Parokya Ni Edgar are outraged and it's possible the group could dismiss Miranda following this unfortunate news.



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