0 Danny Amendola Spike Fail: Usher Nailed In Face By Spiked Ball After Rams' Touchdown (VIDEO)

Danny Amendola was psyched, really psyched. This led, indirectly, to an unassuming usher taking what looked like a painful shot right in the face.

The St. Louis Rams' wide receiver caught a six-yard touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter to stop a run of 26 unanswered points by the Minnesota Vikings. After getting into the end zone, Amendola turned and threw the ball down, hard. His spike took an unexpected bounce.. right into the head of a bespectacled staffer at the Edward Jones Dome.

As Amendola celebrated the score with his teammates, this stadium employee clutched his head and appeared to be quite shaken up. It also looked like he was going to need a new pair of glasses.


As the Rams attempted to mount a rally later in the quarter, Amendola must have heard about what happened. He got back into the end zone after catching a two-point conversion and then gingerly handed the ball off to someone at the fringe of the field.


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