1 MTV Movie Awards 2013

Keen-eyed viewers of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards may have noticed something strange right around the end of the show: Some of the biggest awards of the night were not handed out. Best Female Performance, Best Scared as S**t Performance and Best On-Screen Duo were all missing.
SoThe full answer to this will most likely come from MTV in the near future, but the most likely causes are time issues and no-shows. 

 Like so many other awards shows, MTV's celebration of film ran over its allotted time, running almost 20 minutes past its scheduled end-time of 8pm ET. The live show had to eventually make way for other programming, so a decision was likely made to cut things short.
This may have meant cutting some of the awards.

There could also be the big issue of no-shows. Unlike the Oscars and other similar awards, MTV makes no claims about not knowing the winners in advance. Were the network to know that a big winner wasn't going to be in the audience, why present the award at all? You'll notice, after all, that every single award that was given out had someone there to collect.

With many stars opting to skip this late-season award show, surely some of the winners didn't make it. Those people may have missed out on the chance to hear their names announced as a result.



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