1 Nice going boyfriend! Woman hit in face with baseball as...

A day at the ballpark likely turned into a night in the doghouse for a man in Arizona after he jumped out of the way of a scorching home run ball, leaving his date to get smacked in the face.

The couple was enjoying some soda and popcorn in their centerfield seats at Chase Field last night as they watched the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the St Louis Cardinals.

At bat against Diamondbacks pitcher Heath Bell in the seventh inning, Cardinals shortstop Peter Kozma suddenly launched a long fly ball into the seats.

Look out: As the home run ball falls from above, the man can be seen jumping out of the way, leaving his date in the direct path of the ball
As the ball began to drop, the man had the reflexes to jump out of the way, leaving his female companion in its direct path.

The ball then struck her in the face as she tried to duck.
Other fans could could only stare as the woman jumped from the seat In obvious pain as the man tried to comfort her.

Even Kozma appeared to show concern for the woman, looking up into the stands twice as he rounded second base.
Hit: The man could only watch in horror as his date was struck with the ball



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