0 Lady Gaga Goes Full Frontal Nude in Bizarre Video

Lady Gaga has teamed with Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic for a bizarre tutorial/testimonial video in which the singer chants, stands in a river, walks blindly in a field and spoons a giant crystal. It should be pointed out that in a good chunk of the clip's two-plus minutes, she is completely naked. The video is centered on the artists's "Abramovic Method" of exercise, which her website says will "heighten the participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment." The video begins with Gaga, wearing all-white, laying flat on a wooden floor and begins to sing "a." It then segues to the singer standing in a shallow river, wearing a jumpsuit and her eyes covered in a horn mask. After that, it's naked Gaga time, with the singer alternately walking in grass, bent over in a yoga pose and doing various things with a large crystal-looking rock. In one part of the video, Gaga and Abramovic sit with their backs facing each other.


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