0 Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera bring glitter and girl power to 'The Voice' finale. And it's awesome situation.

Last night's finale of The Voice featured a rare moment of pop diva bipartisanship: Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera unleashed powerhouse vocals (and gold lame dresses up the wazoo) for a rousing duet rendition of the former’s current single, “Do What U Want.” The result was awesome, a Brave and the Bold style pairing of superheroes that also doubled as a Golden Girls-cum-Solid Gold tribute act.

As far as pop titan team-ups go, this was a pretty grand performance. But if you're a keen (or at least, somewhat obsessive) observer of pop culture, you probably appreciated it for another reason. The hand-holding belt-a-thon featured two singers coming off dicey professional years and rumors of a feud; paired with Gaga's song, which compares the patriarchal music industry's build-em-up-tear-em-down sadism to a form of misogyny, it was also a "sisters are doing it for themselves" moment of solidarity.


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