0 WATCH: Miley Cyrus' New Video, 'Adore You' leaks online

Miley Cyrus Goes Under the Bedsheets in Steamy 'Adore You' Video

Miley Cyrus’ choice to once again ditch her clothes for the ‘Adore You’ video wasn’t a smart one. There’s nothing wrong with being naked and sexual, but as a true fan of Miley and of the beautiful song, I would have loved to see a more sensitive, real side of the singer.

Miley Cyrus Exposes Nipples In New 'Adore You' Teaser

We get the picture. Miley Cyrus doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana anymore. But when does that reason run out? We’ve seen her twerk, get super friendly with a foam finger and now get super friendly with herself in bed in the video for “Adore You.”

Miley Cyrus: Going Naked In 'Adore You' Video Was The Wrong Move


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